our story

Humanity Boutique was founded in 2008 by Franky Descotaux.

The shop is now under new ownership by Ani Vong after managing since 2012.

live in style

Style is a visual representation of yourself without having to say a single word. At Humanity we side with style over fashion. We sell over-looked and timeless pieces that encourage our clients to live in style by expressing themselves in comfort and no boundaries. Our clothing aesthetic is all about mixing pieces of different colors, patterns and textures that will complement women of all ages.

love in style

As a Lowell- based boutique we incorporate the culture and style of the city into our mix and attitude. Over the years we have become the go-to designation for many fashionistas who search for individuality. Our product assortment is so distinctive from current trends in the fashion circuit, that customers are compelled to buy our items for that exact reason. At Humanity we don't have a target audience because we accept women of different ages, color and size that walks through our store.